Conference Speakers

Prof. Anja Pfennig
HTW Berlin - University of Applied Sciences, Germany

Prof. Anja Pfennig was born in Büdelsdorf, Germany in 1970. She studied Minerology at the Rheinische Friedrich Wilhelms University Bonn, Germany, where she graduated in 1997. Her Ph.-D. in the field of ceramic moulds for liquid metal casting was earned in 2001 from the Friedrich Alexander University of Erlangen, Germany. She then worked for Siemens Energy in charge of ceramic shields for stationary gas turbines and transferred to Berlin in 2008 where she conducted scientific research on the oxidation of high temperature materials and corrosion behavior of steels used in Carbon Capture Techniques. 2009 she became full professor at the Applied University Berlin, HTW where she currently teaches material science for engineering students. Anja Pfennigs research interest and expertise is in the field of corrosion fatigue of materials at high temperature and high pressure simulating geothermal environments.

Topic: Making of - Successfully Producing Peer-to-Peer Lecture Films

Abstract: Lecture videos are more and more implemented in higher education to be used widely by students providing an audio and visual stimulus. To attract students and become a fully accepted learning material these videos need to be of a certain standard. An important factor to the success of these videos is to involve students directly into the concept and making-of (peer-to-peer approach). The peer-to-peer approach is an important aspect in terms of project success, quality of the content and lecture video quality because students` needs and their perspective on teaching material are directly included in the videos. To encourage lecturers this plenary speaker presentation provides a short guidance to look at basic needs and requirements of the lecture film production and “just get started”. Good lecture videos may successfully be produced with low threshold.
Key words: lecture video, peer-to-peer, making-of, film equipment, KISS, inverted classroom